And then this happened (NOLA edition)

Setting: live music spot in New Orleans, LA. My boyfriend (BF) and I are sitting at a high top table away from the stage when an intoxicated Asian (perhaps Indian?) guy (IAG) walks up.

IAG (to my boyfriend): She’s so beautiful. Is that your girlfriend?
BF: *nods
IAG: I didn’t know Chinese girls dated Black guys.
BF: I didn’t either. She’s Korean.
IAG (to me): You don’t like Korean guys? You like Black guys?
Me: I guess so.
IAG: I notice a lot of Korean girls don’t like to date Korean guys. Why is that?

OMG, really? And this was only a quarter of the foolishness that guy spewed. In my *older age, I have taken a much calmer approach to situations like this. My younger years would have seen me go clean off on this dude with zero mercy. Not to mention, the guy’s intense level of intoxication (immediately after talking to us, he sat down and passed out) would have made my comments a waste as I doubt he would have remembered anything I would have said.

Had he not been so incredibly drunk, I would have loved to learn more about his pan-ethnic approach to Asians and Asian intra- and inter-marriage. This reminded me of an article on Asian Nation that investigated the percentages of endogamous, other Asian, and other race marriages. While this data finds that Korean women are the most likely, among the Asians represented in this study, to out-marry with Whites, they are still more likely to marry endogamously.

I would also like to know in what world does he think it’s okay to say the majority of ignorant comments that came out of his mouth? But, if he has always been given a pass, like in this instance (actually, it was more like divine intervention), then he has all reason to believe his actions are permissible. I hate having to educate the genuinely ignorant and the fool alike in regards to my race, my ethnicity, my family structure, and Asians in America, but with almost two decades worth of experience in just that, who better else to do it.

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