Bullish: When to Make Massive and Ballsy Life Changes for Your Career

I’d like to think of today’s Internet wandering as productive versus procrastination. I know what procrastination looks like – taking too many pictures of a camera shy cat or eating my way through the pantry and refrigerator – and this was nothing like that. And anyways the work I scheduled to complete had long been done AND I stumbled upon this article that totally explains how I ended up where I am now. And does so in a much more succinct and humorous way than I ever could.

Since quitting two pretty darn good jobs (albeit good in different ways) for seemingly unstable or at least unconventional pursuits, I find myself encouraging other people to do the same. Unhappy with your job? Quit. Rather be doing something else? Quit. But I guess being on the other side of the leap will do that to you. Purposely making radical life altering changes is scary having the possibility of full out failure and unremitting judgment by foes and family alike, but there are necessary risks that must be taken. Even if it doesn’t go as planned at least you’ll have done it and now you know versus always wondering What If. Trite, I know, but so true.

I feel the exact same way Dziura does about her failure when it comes to my own. I’m glad my perfectly planned life did not go as planned or else I wouldn’t be in this far more awesome place that I am in now. My plan was like a little To Do list and my only goal was to check off each item thinking it would bring fulfillment not realizing I’d be no closer to happiness. In fact, I’m guessing I’d be farther away since my only goal was the goal itself.

Before you get to thinking you can’t make the leap to pursue that seemingly impossible but always on your mind goal think about this – The only reason you’re in that somewhat ok, comfortable place you’re in now is because each day you make the decision to remain there. Hmmm . .come to think of it, that’s the same reason you’re in that sucky, life draining place you’re in. You make the choice to be where you are and you can just as easily make the choice to be somewhere else. The only difference is the little voice in your head supports where you are now but comes up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t change your circumstance. Listening to that voice will cause you to become paralyzed, always thinking about the Why Not when really you should be thinking about the How. Change your thoughts, change your world.

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