Flip The Script Anthology

Flip the Script

Guess what’s out? In time for National Adoption Awareness Month and the #FliptheScript adoptee movement, a new Anya Diary publication: Flip the Script: Adult Adoptee Anthology. I’m beyond ecstatic to be a part of this group of essayists, photographers, poets, artists, and of course, adoptees who contributed to this volume.

My piece, “New Titles, New Stories,” reflects on some of my most influential experiences as an adoptee that have motivated me to share my story. In this piece, I grapple with coming to terms with the constant external definitions and scrutiny of being a transracial adoptee. I am honored that Diane, Rosita, and Amanda gave me the opportunity to lend my voice to the adoptee movement, and I’m happy that this piece is my first adoptee-focused published piece. It sets a strong foundation for many more reflections on my adoptee experience.

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