New Year’s Eve Reminiscing

One of the best New Year’s I had was in 2011. I had just quit my job a couple weeks prior (Christmas Eve was my last day at work). For the previous three years, I was working as the executive assistant to a nightclub owner, which meant I worked both during the day (five days a week) doing the behind-the-scenes business operations in the office, three to four nights week when the club was open, and on call 24 hours a day to respond to phone calls, text messages, and tweets about club events. It also meant I worked holidays and weekends. It was a lot of work, but it was also a lot of fun. Until it wasn’t.

I remember 2011 vividly. I remember being told by God to quit my job. I remember not obeying. I remember being told by God in a variety of ways, through a variety of different mediums that it was time to quit my job. Finally, I remember quitting my job. I was scared y’all. I was more scared of imagined earthly repercussions than I was confident in following God’s commands. But I finally did it, and on December 31, 2011 I remember sitting at home, alone, on my couch drinking some champagne, watching the ball drop in Times Square, and feeling so at peace. Words cannot capture how at peace I felt. I was at rest in God’s will. I didn’t have a job. I didn’t know what I was going to do next. But it didn’t matter. I knew it would all be okay. Sometimes having ‘nothing’ is better than having the wrong thing.

I remember being excited, expectant, and full of hope and possibility for 2012, and that’s exactly what 2012 turned out to be. It was so exciting – knowing that anything is possible is exciting! Stepping out on faith is exciting! Knowing that God’s got you is exciting! It’s freeing. It’s empowering. The year exceeded expectations – I had support from people who I didn’t even know and people who I didn’t think knew I existed. I was making income from food blogging. Then, I got accepted into grad school. I moved to the DMV to start my PhD in sociology at the University of Maryland. 2012 was an adventure! And it hasn’t stopped.

Here I am three years later, another December 31 and I’m still at peace. Life is not perfect. It never is. But, I am still at peace. There is a confidence and security in pursuing your purpose and having a relationship with God. The future is unknown. It always is. But, I am once again embracing the new year with excitement, expectancy, and full of hope.

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