On the Metro

Earlier this afternoon I was headed to meet a cohort member for brunch. I jumped on the metro, which was quite crowded, but managed to grab an open seat next to someone. After a few seconds I realize, Eww the guy I’m sitting next to smells; so I contemplate if I can discretely change seats at the next stop.

As I’m devising a plan to get away from the funk, the guy nudges me. I have my headphones on so as to discourage anyone from talking to me, but clearly this guy didn’t get the message. I take my headphones off and turn towards him. That’s when I notice the tattoo over his right eyebrow that says, “I AM SWAG,” the diamond tattooed under his eye, and the constellation of shooting stars down his neck.

He asks me where I’m from. I tell him, and then ask him the same. Through the next 5 metro stops he leads the conversation, covering a wide-range of topics. He shared how important it is to not be persuaded by other people’s expectations of you. When you get caught up in other people’s dreams and plans for you, he says, you can end up doing things that you never intended, things that can end up causing you harm. He then said that it’s so important to read the Bible so that you can have a foundation to draw from when you’re faced with different and difficult situations.

By that time, I had reached my stop. I thanked him for sharing. In the time it took to cover 5 metro stops, this guy shared more knowledge and wisdom than a lot of ‘educated’ people ever do. I truly felt blessed and humbled by our conversation.

Sometimes we all have to be reminded not to pass judgment and that everyone has a message to share if we are just open to receiving it. Blessings come from the most unexpected places, and God uses those who we perceive to be the least among us to share His word. And to think, I was trying to get away from this guy.

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