Bullish: When to Make Massive and Ballsy Life Changes for Your Career

I’d like to think of today’s Internet wandering as productive versus procrastination. I know what procrastination looks like – taking too many pictures of a camera shy cat or eating my way through the pantry and refrigerator – and this was nothing like that. And anyways the work I scheduled to complete had long been done AND I stumbled upon this article that totally explains how I ended up where I am now. And does so in a much more succinct and humorous way than I ever could.

Since quitting two pretty darn good jobs (albeit good in different ways) for seemingly unstable or at least unconventional pursuits, I find myself encouraging other people to do the same. Unhappy with your job? Quit. Rather be doing something else? Quit. But I guess being on the other side of the leap will do that to you. Purposely making radical life altering changes is scary having the possibility of full out failure and unremitting judgment by foes and family alike, but there are necessary risks that must be taken. Even if it doesn’t go as planned at least you’ll have done it and now you know versus always wondering What If. Trite, I know, but so true.

I feel the exact same way Dziura does about her failure when it comes to my own. I’m glad my perfectly planned life did not go as planned or else I wouldn’t be in this far more awesome place that I am in now. My plan was like a little To Do list and my only goal was to check off each item thinking it would bring fulfillment not realizing I’d be no closer to happiness. In fact, I’m guessing I’d be farther away since my only goal was the goal itself.

Before you get to thinking you can’t make the leap to pursue that seemingly impossible but always on your mind goal think about this – The only reason you’re in that somewhat ok, comfortable place you’re in now is because each day you make the decision to remain there. Hmmm . .come to think of it, that’s the same reason you’re in that sucky, life draining place you’re in. You make the choice to be where you are and you can just as easily make the choice to be somewhere else. The only difference is the little voice in your head supports where you are now but comes up with a million reasons why you shouldn’t change your circumstance. Listening to that voice will cause you to become paralyzed, always thinking about the Why Not when really you should be thinking about the How. Change your thoughts, change your world.

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Fed My Soul (Soul Fish Cafe)

One thing that I absolutely HAD to do before I left Memphis was eat some fried catfish. I know DC is considered by some to be the South but I’m just not convinced. I’m especially not convinced that I’ll be able to find some good ol’ Southern fried catfish but maybe I will. I’ll let you know.

To satisfy my fried fish craving I headed over to Soul Fish Café in Midtown. This is one of my favorite places not only because of the fish but also because of the sides and desserts. My favorite sides are the greens, black eyed peas, zucchini, sweet potato fries and macaroni and cheese. Vegetarians be warned some of the sides are cooked with meat.

Soul Fish Cafe small fried catfish basket with greens and macaroni and cheese

On this occasion I had a small catfish basket with greens and macaroni and cheese. My order came out super fast which made me happy because I was super hungry. Clearly I was doing my happy dance because all the pics I took were blurry. LOL : ( The fish was so perfectly fried and tender that I was tempted to tell the waitress I needed another piece but I’m glad I didn’t as the portion precisely satisfied my hunger for Southern fare. The greens were flavorful and well seasoned, and the macaroni and cheese was complete cheesy thick goodness. This by far was one of my best farewell Memphis meals.

One of the day’s specials was a fried oyster po boy, and I was considerably tempted to try it but I just couldn’t bring myself to abandon my fried catfish dreams. I’ve had the crawfish po boy before and it was amazingly delicious so I’m sure the oyster po boy would not have disappointed. If you’re not a fan of fried, fear not! The blackened fish is tasty as well.

I practiced a bit of self control by not indulging in a slice of caramel cake or lemon pie. Gold star for me! But by all means you should try a dessert!

Soul Fish Café
862 South Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104

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Pancake Pantry

When you frequent a city enough you find food favorites. One of my Nashville musts is the Pancake Pantry. Before setting out on my day long driving journey I had to have a delicious and hearty breakfast and I knew that it had to be here.

Pancake Pantry pancakes and whipped butter

As its name suggests pancakes are the specialty and they have several to choose from both in regards to type and topping. Unfortunately and surprisingly I have only had the regular pancakes. Once you try them though maybe you’ll understand. They are absolute pancake perfection! Light and fluffy and served with whipped butter and real maple syrup. On this occasion I ordered mine with a couple fried eggs and a small orange juice. There was no better way to get my day started!

Pancake Pantry
1796 21st Avenue South
Nashville, TN 37212

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Memphis Eats Worth A Detour

Huey's burger and onion rings
Huey’s burger and onion rings. Yum!

What’s a road trip without yummy food? My recent cross country trek was all about food. I think I knew where I was going to eat before I knew exactly how I was going to get to my final destination. Breakfast at Pancake Pantry was a given (To see why, go here.) Then I even managed to take an hour long detour to deliciousness. So well worth it. (To see where I went, go here.)

At any rate, it got me to thinking what are the road trip detour worthy eateries in Memphis? After a quick survey of some Memphis friends here’s what we came up with (Restaurant Name & Favorite Menu Item):

A&R Barbecue – pulled pork shoulder sandwich, bbq spaghetti, and potato salad

Ching’s Wings– wings, of course! and you can’t forget the Orange Mound Punch!

Deli Mexicana – tortuga and fresh guacamole

Gus’ Famous Fried Chicken – fried chicken and fried green tomatoes

Huey’s – world famous Huey’s burger and onion rings

Mosa Asian Bistro – panang curry

Soul Fish Cafe – catfish, veggies, homemade desserts

Trolley Stop Market – lunch veggies or dinner specials

So, what are some spots you think are road trip detour worthy in Memphis?

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On The Road (Gillie’s Vegetarian Cuisine)

Quite recently, yesterday in fact, I embarked on the longest road trip ever – MEM to DMV. Thankfully I made it safely and I must say it was quite a smooth and relaxing drive. The scenery was amazing – wooded mountainsides peaking out of occasional fog (Gorgeous to behold and fantastic reminder of the majesty of nature.), farms with lots of grazing cows and horses (I do love seeing happy farm animals.), and even a doe nibbling on grass on the side of the interstate (Beautiful but then I had to pray she wouldn’t dash across the lanes because I surely did not need to have an accident!).

As a hungry person there were a couple preparations I had to take care of to ensure happy travels. The first was to stock my car with plenty of snacks and water (for high energy road trip food suggestions go here). The second was to find a yummy place to stop for lunch. Google did not fail me and I decided to stop by Gillie’s, a local vegetarian restaurant near Virginia Tech.

Behold the Crawfish Burger! A fresh pan fried crawfish patty served on a Mediterranean chickpea bun with organic greens, tomato, roasted corn remolade and a side of red cabbage slaw. Do I even have to tell you it was delicious?! The bun was so unbelievably soft, and the crawfish patty was flavorful, tender, and had an interestingly very burger like consistency. OMG the best detour ever! Yes, I am the type of person that makes decisions, both small and large, based on food, and now I’m wondering why Virginia Tech never made it to one of my grad school lists. Hmmm.

Well this got me to thinking. . .what are some road trip detour worthy restaurants in Memphis?

Gillie’s Vegetarian Cuisine
153 College Avenue
Blacksburg, VA 24060

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