Happiness To Go (Mosa Asian Bistro)

After a highly productive day I stopped by Mosa Asian Bistro, my overall favorite Asian restaurant in Memphis, to grab some dinner to go. Tonight it was Singapore Curry with tofu and Crab Cheese Wontons. I normally get the Singapore Curry with shrimp but I decided it was time to try the tofu. I was so glad that I did and wondered why I hadn’t been ordering it this way all along. *sad face

I made it home in time to enjoy dinner on the patio before the sun set. The beauty of this peaceful evening made my meal even more flavorful. Fresh veggies, rice noodles, and firm fried tofu tossed in a light, savory, and mildly spicy sauce form the Singapore Curry. It was delicious!


What I love about Mosa is that everything on the menu is customizable. Whether you want more, less, or none of something included in a menu item or if you like it spicy or mild, the chefs are able to accommodate your request. Plus everything is fresh, locally sourced, and made to order.

Something else I love about Mosa is their Crab Cheese Wontons. Wonton wrappers are delicately fried and nestled inside the crisp shells is a thick and creamy crab and cream cheese amalgamation. A lot of places use egg roll wrappers but I prefer the lighter crispiness of the wonton wrappers. A lot of places also skimp on the crab leaving you to imagine something other than cream cheese but not Mosa. These are crab cheese wontons the way they were meant to be.


After satisfying my hunger it was time to crack open my fortune cookie, well cookies. I loved that the wrappers said Happy Fortune Cookie. And what did my cookies predict about my future?


I’m excited!! I’ll keep you posted on if and when these fortunes come to fruition! Until then, happy eating!

850 S White Station
Memphis, TN 38117

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Farewell Memphis Food

As I get ready to depart the city that raised me there’s only one way for a food blogger and overall hungry person to bid farewell and that’s by eating at some of my favorite restaurants in the city. Had I set a firm leave date more than a week before actually planning to leave my farewell food tour would’ve been a little more comprehensive. *sigh Hindsight is always 20/20.

At any rate in the posts that follow you’ll see some of my favorite Memphis eateries. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

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The Best Ever!

You know when you want something so bad and you’ve planned your entire life around it only to repeatedly never get it? Yep, that was me and grad school. Three years in a row I was rejected from schools across the country. It really does something to your ego. I have to admit I’m a pretty confident person. My awareness of my awesome-ness sometimes borders on narcissism so you can imagine what repeated rejection did to me.

After what are now vague memories of the beginning of my alcoholism I stumbled across this quote in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, “Everything is as it should be.” That did something for me. Yep, cheesy I know, but at that moment it was like something in my brain clicked. I wasn’t where I wanted to be but I was where I should be.

Just like that I let go of the ever so obviously misguided dream of becoming some super awesome amazing sociologist and instead decided to open my mind to the now endless possibilities. Ahhh. There was something so freeing about not having a plan. No plan meant anything could happen. Yes, as a Type A control freak this was a little unconventional but yet so exhilarating! Anything could happen. Something fun! Something amazing! Something I’d never imagined! Something totally different! Something like quitting my very stable with fantastic government benefits job to become the overworked and underappreciated Executive Assistant to the owner of a nightclub.

My family was concerned to say the least. It was all my father could do to feign support. Well-intentioned friends called to see if I had lost my damn mind. Too late. Temporary insanity or not the decision was made and a four year adventure into nightlife followed. Who needs boring grad school when you can get schooled by the city’s current reigning king of nightlife. More on my adventures in nightlife later; for now let’s get back to the best letter ever.

It was actually an email.  Driving down Poplar, one of Memphis’ busiest streets, I checked my email only to read the best news ever. As I’m driving, reading, trying not to commit vehicular homicide, and also attempting to hold back an onslaught of what would surely be tears while I simultaneously laughed like a crazy person I realized that this is it. The moment I’ve been waiting for. These folks done messed around and let me in grad school. Ha! Best day ever.

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