Have I Lost It Already? Ph.D. Paralysis

Ketel One Orange

Last Monday a good friend of mine and I met at Osaka for a yummy leisurely lunch. (Sidebar: Osaka has the best priced sushi at lunch. Seriously, you can eat all the rolls for close to nothing. You’re welcome.) As we were walking out after enjoying all sorts of fresh made sushi and conversation, my friend turns to me and says, “I don’t know if you need a shot or what but you have made no sense today.” O_o

By shot he did indeed mean alcohol and by no sense . . .it’s obvious that my brain has detected that the beginning of the fall semester is near. Apparently, I don’t even have to be in the middle of endless reading, research, and writing for my brain functioning to begin to dissolve leaving me incapable of normal interaction. *sigh

Incidentally, my advisor tweeted me this post from buzzfeed.com, “25 Deeply Painful Ph.D. Student Problems (Besides Your Thesis).”

I know my fellow grad students can agree that this list is ridiculously spot on. Combine #3 and #5 and now you know why it’s so hard for me to have ‘normal’ conversations. Number 25 is so me right now. I know people are showing their interest when they ask this question, but honestly my current number one goal is to finish my Ph.D. That’s it. I can see no further into my future than that.

So here’s to the new school year (less than 2 weeks away! Eek!) and more yummy meals and more mindless conversation with friends. Now where’s that drink. . .

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