Summers in Undergrad vs. Summers in Grad School

You know what I love about academia? Summers off!

You know what I hate about academia? Summers off!

Lol. Seriously, this whole “summers off” thing is such an illusion. Off is supposed to mean the end, not happening, straight chillin. None of these descriptors apply to grad school summers. There is this unspoken expectation that students are to be off quietly grinding away producing great work. Mmkay.

Last summer I had an internship at a boutique marketing and rebranding firm, and I also finished up the content analysis for my Second Year Paper. So I think that definitely counts as doing work.

This summer I’m headed off to ICPSR in a couple weeks, and in the interim I’m working on data collection for a project I’m working on with Matthew Hughey on non-Black members of historically Black Greek Letter organizations*. I’ll also be studying for comps in the fall, completing final revisions on my Second Year Paper to send out for publication (or should I say rejection because realistically speaking isn’t that what’s going to happen?), revising another paper, and going back through interview data from my nightlife project. This all is undoubtedly work.

I think the best thing to do, and as soon as possible, is for graduate students to not think there is a such thing as “summers off.” There is only not being in class. Summers off connotes all fun and games. Not being in class on the other hand signals more time to work on your own work. And, in the end, isn’t that what we want? More time to work on our own work. Ahhh summer!

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