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Of course, you already know the importance of breaks, and if I haven’t already mentioned it, equally important is colleague bonding. Yep, I said it. Bonding with your colleagues is an important part of grad school. Grad school is weird because it’s not your job but it could greatly impact your future job, and as we’ve already established networking will likely be key to your next big opportunity. It’s also weird because it’s like school, but it’s not school. Again the whole future job thing which means you could possibly work with your grad school colleagues, so you don’t necessarily want to be totally backstage. But, besides the economic incentives of getting to know your colleagues and the impression management considerations, there’s an important emotional component. Let’s be honest, grad school is hard. It’s stressful; it’s overwhelming; and you need people you can commiserate with.

A couple Sundays ago I went to brunch with some colleagues (Ok, I’m sure I’ve reached the word limit for ‘colleagues,’ but I think it’s like a socialization thing to say ‘colleague’ instead of classmate. Either that or it’s some type of brain trick to make you feel better about being a broke college student. Idk. But anyways, I digress.). We went to this cute neighborhood restaurant in Columbia Heights called The Heights. Great atmosphere and décor, and the food was so good! Like, I can’t wait to go back. They use locally sourced produce and meats which I’m totally a fan of. Besides the warm décor inside, high ceilings, and large bar, they also have a great patio area which I’ll definitely have to hang out on once the weather warms back up. The food had a fresh and clean taste. I had the Buffalo Shrimp with bacon and blue cheese slaw (delish!) and Empire Eggs – poached eggs with house-smoked salmon over potato pancakes topped with hollandaise (yum!). I had to send my Empire Eggs back because the whites of my poached eggs were still runny, and I absolutely canNOT do runny eggs whites, yuck! But the real downside was the glass and a half mimosa I ordered which was more like just a glass. But other than that, everything was good.

If you’re looking for clean, tasty, and ‘happy’ food (i.e. hormone and antibiotic free, non-factory farm food), then definitely try The Heights. They have Happy Hour daily from 4pm-7pm, which I’ll be stopping by ASAP.

The Heights
3115 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20010
(202) 797-7227

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