Weekly Challenge: Define Success

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U.S. society teaches us to be achievement and acquisition driven individuals. The idea that we can do it on our own, by our own merit, and conquer and control whatever is before us is not necessarily a universal truth but a taught mindset. Have you accepted it?

This week’s challenge is to define success. As I’ve worked in different fields and interacted with different types of people, the idea of success has intrigued me. Most people want to be successful but according to whose standards? If success is a guiding principle in your life, then it makes sense to understand it thoroughly. I’ve listed some questions below that may help guide you as you think about success:

What is success to you? and How will you know when you’ve achieved it?
Is success a constant state or unique and isolated events?
Is success external validation dependent? or Can you be successful if no one else notices?
What role does status play in your idea of success?

For me, success is the ability to continually evolve into better versions of myself, helping others according to their needs, encouraging dreams, not being hurtful to others, and maintaining optimism. It’s ending each day knowing I’ve done my best.

So, what IS success to you? Go ahead write it out, review it, and then ask yourself: Is this the type of life I want to live? Is this the type of person I want to be?



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