When Life Sucks

There are two choices in life – Change your attitude or Change your situation.

Once you figure out which one you will do, then the rest is just a matter of sticking to your choice and following it through. If you can’t/won’t change your situation, then you gotta change your attitude. Yes, I know it’s so much easier to bitch and complain, and it seems like there’s always someone ready to commiserate with you. But you know what, it doesn’t do any good. Sure, an occasional vent session serves a purpose, but if your life is one long miserable woe is me story, then it’s time to reevaluate.

How can you feel better about your sucky situation? Read on.

1. You have to stop saying that your situation sucks. Things become what you say they are. Negative language shades your perspective and perception and causes you to continue to view things negatively, ignoring any possibility of positivity. Every time you want to say something negative about your situation, you have to push the negative thought out of your mind and replace it with a positive statement.

2. Remember why you chose the situation you’re in. Most of the time we end up where we are because of a series of choices we’ve made. At the time we made them, they seemed pretty good. Somewhere along the way it didn’t go exactly as planned but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad. It’s just different. Although your current situation may not be what you expected, what are its benefits? Have you gained a new skill? Learned something about yourself or others? Avoided an ACTUAL sucky situation? Realign your perspective.

3. Increase the benefits. Since you’re not changing your situation that means you’re committed to it. It stands to reason that whatever you’re committed to (read: full effort in action not simply words) should provide you with some benefits. Not just the feel good benefits either but actual, tangible benefits. Figure out what it is that you want from the situation, and then plan how you’re going to get it.

Deciding you’re going to change your attitude is a big first step in transforming that sucky situation into a fantastic Love It! situation. You can do it. You just have to DO it!

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