Winter Break Recap



1. Sleep.

2. Not think.

3. Find the DC version of Memphis’ Molly’s La Casita. My drinking partner in crime friend assures me this is not a good idea. But why? Sure, 10 times out of 10 drinks at Molly’s has turned into a night of very poor decision making great memories, but isn’t that what life is made of? Ah, memories.

4. Explore DC and hit up more museums.

5. Read a non-academic book.

6. Finish the next draft of my Second Year Paper and submit to ASAs.


1. Sleep. Sort of. It started off a little difficult but midway through the winter break I was sleeping in and taking naps! Success! Then, in the last week as my body and mind realized that the beginning of the semester was near, my sleep returned to its irregular pattern. Sad face.

2. Not think. Ha! Like that’s really possible. Of course, I was still thinking. That was a silly item to even include on the to-do list, BUT my thinking was calmer and, I’m sure, more rational.

3. Eat, yes! Drink. . .Hmm. . . . though I did not find a new favorite watering hole, I did get to take advantage of DC’s Restaurant Week and try some restaurants. I also got quite a few restaurant recommendations from more experienced DC diners. I’m so looking forward to trying out Acadiana, Black Salt, Look, and a few others.

4. Frequented museums. Let’s see, I revisited one of my favorite museums – The National Portrait Gallery. I saw a rather disturbing exhibit at the Hirshhorn, reviewed the history of food in America at the Museum of American History, and, I finally made it to the National Postal Museum.

5. Read lots of non-academic books! I talked about my winter break reads here , so I won’t go into great detail in this post, but suffice it to say, I truly enjoyed my leisure reads.

6. Completed another iteration of my Second Year Paper. Yay! And, I submitted it to present at ASAs (meaning the American Sociological Association’s Annual Conference). I’m looking forward to good news about being accepted to present (acceptances are announced by March, so I’ll let you know!). The conference is in August in San Francisco, and I am too excited about going!

7. Made tentative summer plans – ICPSR Summer Program, anyone? I won’t go as far as saying that I’ve become a quantitative-convert, however I undoubtedly see the benefit and importance of being methodologically well-rounded. I’m hoping to get some summer tuition remission or some sort of extra funding to attend.

8. Worked on some groundwork aspects of a project with Matthew Hughey.

9. Followed advice from The Professor Is In blog and made a 5 Year Plan.

10. Persisted in my half marathon training! My self-diagnosed turf toe is doing much better thanks to Rest-Ice-Compression-Elevation and a pair of new Brooks.

11. Began doing some early prep for comps. I’ll take comprehensive exams in the fall in Social Psychology and Stratification.

12. Went to NYC (Omg so much yummy food! Did the touristy stuff, of course, and visited the MoMA); went to a couple concerts here in DC (Wale was the best!); club/bar hopping; and attended some fantastic seminars at Bridgeway Community Church.



You probably thought I was going to say I hadn’t done anything on my Winter Break To Do list, huh? Lol. I’m a notorious list maker and over-planner. Typically, I put more items on my list than are humanly possible to complete, but this time I went easy on myself. Overall, it’s been a very relaxing and entertaining break. I’m feeling rejuvenated and, of course, excited about the spring semester!

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